Three Oaks Missionary Baptist Church
On May 8, 1951, the late Pastor James J. Houston and his wife, Sister Mae Francis Houston along with Brother Howard Houston, Sister Pamela Houston and Brother Jimmy Jones met at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Houston, to organize a church that was officially named Three Oaks Missionary Baptist Church.

In 1952 Pastor Houston and the Congregation obtained a church located on 54th and Avalon. The church family worshiped at this location for approximately two (2) years.
In 1954 the Lord blessed Pastor Houston & the congregation leading them to our current location, 8109 S. Hoover Street. 

Pastor Houston led the congregation for 18 years until the Lord called him home in 1969. At that time Rev. Henry Derbigny, Pastor Houston’s assistant, became the pastor.

Under the leadership of Pastor Derbigny many new officers were added to the church. Pastor Derbigny, the deacons, and the members continued to work and purchased structural additions such as, the Fellowship Hall/Annex; they remodeled and refurbished the sanctuary with new pews, carpet, lighting, air conditioning unit, organ and piano, as well as other items. 

Due to the excellent leadership of Rev. Derbigny, the membership flourished to approximately four hundred (400) members. 

On May 1, 1989, Pastor Derbigny retired as Senior Pastor and passed the mantle of Pastoral Leadership to Rev. Marvin E. Dean. Rev. Dean made it clear that Rev. Derbigney did not retire – “He just changed lanes in this ministry race.” He continued his journey as Pastor Emeritus until the Lord called him home on January 26, 1997.  

Under the new leadership of Pastor Dean, we remodeled and refurbished the foyer, the Pastor’s study, the computer room, and the sanctuary. We added new restrooms, built a ramp and installed railing for the disabled, we also re-roofed the fellowship hall and painted the church. The church purchased the residence and parking lot located at 811 S. 81st Street.

Following the departure of Rev. Dean on October 6, 2001, the church adopted the theme: “Stay on Board” Acts 27:31. During this time we remolded the church business office, installed a computer, a copy machine and console desk. We replaced the air condition system, painted the outside of the church and the fellowship hall/annex.

On September 12, 2003, Reverend Raymond Chandler was voted in as Pastor.

Under the leadership of Pastor Chandler we enhanced our outreach ministry and Dec. R. Cleveland developed a prison ministry. We re-roofed the sanctuary, painted the inside of the church, installed new pews, carpet and updated the choir stand. As the church continued to grow, we had to once again re-roof the fellowship hall and replace the air conditioning unit. We also installed a sound system allowing us to facilitate all of our media needs.  

We began radio broadcasting our ministry and developed a website, called Three Oaks, which displayed all of our activities and events. The Lord also blessed us to broadcast over the internet every Sunday at 4pm and 10pm and everyday at noon on  

Following the departure of Reverend Chandler, on July 2010, we kept the faith and believed in God and moved forward. During our transition, we re-structured our Board of Management Team, our praise team, re-modeled and rented our residence (8111 S. 81st Street) and became a member of church. 

On December 16, 2012, Senior Pastor Theo Wilkins was voted in as Pastor.

Pastor Theo Wilkins motto is “Committee, Connected, Consistent, and Take Action”. Under his leadership our membership has grown to over 120 members, a new Three Oaks Baptist Church web-site has been created and iYam (Young Adult Ministry) was created, the Media Room was enhanced to aid us with streamlining church services on the web.

Our aim is to introduce men and women to the Lord Jesus Christ through Gospel preaching, (Romans10:8-15) building them up in the faith and equipping them to become faithful witnesses of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Service Times:
@ 9:15AM


(Wednesdays) @7:00PM

Upcoming Events
Church Tent Revival 
September 15, 2017

Church in the Park
September 17, 2017

Youth Annual Day
September 24, 2017

Usher's Annual Day
October 8, 2017

One Night Revival
November 15, 2017

Operation Feed 100
November 15, 2017

Deacons, Deaconess & Mother's Annual Day
​November 19, 2017

Friendship Day
December 10, 2017

Choir Annual Day
December 17, 2017

Our Location:
8109 S Hoover St
Los Angeles, CA 90044

Senior Pastor, Overseer Theo Wilkins